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Drone Surveys

Our team can offer a safe and cost-effective solution to land surveying using the latest in drone technology.

Our pilots all hold accredited CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Permission to fly commercial operations or Pfco license and all pilots undergo rigorous training every 6 months to ensure they are always current with their flying skills.

We can provide the following services: –

  • Land Aerial Surveys (Land owner’s permission required)
  • 4K video footage of your survey’s and inspections
  • Survey grade accuracy for mapping and surveys
  • Survey of an object or structure that is hard to reach
  • Topographical survey of land or sites
  • 3D model (3D textured or 3D point cloud) of an object, structure or land to gain a better understanding of the project from different angles
  • Digital surface/terrain models (DSM/DTM) to visualise gradient change
  • Contour lines can be generated to understand topography
  • Volume, distance and area measurements
  • Environmental and ecology monitoring
  • Industrial, commercial and office roof inspection surveys
  • 12 Megapixel stills giving you incredible detail
  • Live streaming through our Facebook or YouTube channel
  • A full written report following any survey or inspection
  • PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) contracts for high level inspections such as gutters/roofs/ hopper
TNA Drone Surveys